Concerto for Electric Guitar and Percussion Ensemble (2003)

ID: SM-000313167
Título alternativo Concerto for Electric Guitar and Percussion Ensemble
CompositorMarco Oppedisano
EditoraMarco Oppedisano
Ano de composição 2003
Gênero Clássico / Contemporâneo
Instrumentação Piano, Guitarra elétrica, Tarola, Marimba, Triângulo, Timbales, Vibrafone, Címbalos, Tantã, Crotales
Tipo de composiçãoPartitura completa, Partes
duração 10'0"
dificuldade Very difficult
descripção Concerto for Electric Guitar and Percussion Ensemble (2003)-Marco Oppedisano

This work is a concerto in one movement. It contains aspects of a traditional concerto, but in a condensed form. The work is primarily episodic as the sections tend to move quickly from one to another. The electric guitar writing, drum set writing, driving rhythmic sections and some of the tonal language are derived from rock influences I grew up with.

Work was premiered at Walt Whitman Hall at Brooklyn College on Dec. 11, 2003. Composer featured as electric guitar soloist.

This piece is dedicated to Morris Lang and the Brooklyn College Percussion Ensemble.

A midi realization of the score can be heard at:
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